3 week diet book

3 week diet With increase in the number of fat related problems, many people are opting for healthy food and exercises while others are seeking the help of the personal trainers and gym, as they find it more convenient way of transformation. In fact, there are many who are taking the help of dieting supplements and pills, as it gives better and rapid results. Along, with all these things, 3 week diet book is getting quite famous. It is newly launched dietary program which will help you in reducing weight by burning all the contents of fat.

3 week diet book is an E- book that contains all the necessary information and tips for losing weight. This book will make you healthy within 21 days and will help you in losing weight around 20 pounds. The author of this book has also focused on important areas of concern and highlighted all the necessary strategies. This book is much better than having dietary supplement and is a cost effective option.

4 phases of the diet program

This program is also beneficial after 21 days, as it will also tell that what you can do after completion of 21 days and how you can keep your weight maintained. 3 week diet book will also help you in improving your health and other related problems. The whole program is divided in 4 phases.

  • The 1st phase is meant for the first seven days and is the hardest time of the entire program. It is the phase where you will lose more and you will really feel change in your weight.
  • The 2nd phase lasts for a single day and is the most effective phase, as in single day you can lose more than 1 pound.
  • The 3rd phase is meant for 3 days and in these days you will try the healthiest diet that will help you in reducing your weight.
  • The 4th phase will last for remaining 10 days. In this phase you will try the most powerful and effective ways through which you can continue your dieting.

Steps involved in the process of 3 week diet book

Following are the steps that are involved in the process of 3 week diet book. Each step has its own importance and if you really want to have the better results, then you must follow these steps:

Step 1: In the very first step, you will learn the process of detoxification. As there are a number of toxins in the body that affect your body and prevents it from removing fat, so, with the help of detoxification your organs will get cleared.

Step 2: In this step you will do fasting for 24 hours. It will burn all the fat quickly and is the natural way through which you can easily prevent increase in your weight.

Step 3: In this step you will be eating fat for burning your body fast. You will do this process for three days and it will help in burning all the fat from the belly and hip area.

Step 4: The last step involved in 3 week diet book is eating. You can have food as per your choice but keep in mind that you need to consume food as per your unique BMR.